7. Aaah, power, it tastes delicious… Mmm… I want more. Have at it until you choke!

by admin

Today I feel lighter, I think I have mentally lost about 10 kilos since I realized that only I have the power to decide who and what I am. The power… what a wonderful elixir. But as a great philosopher said, and here I mean Spiderman’s uncle, with great power comes great responsibility. Hmm… and what was he referring to? Well… depending on what you decide to show the world, there are positive effects/consequences and negative effects/consequences. You must understand them before you act. As I said, we are all capable of contrasts.

I have decided, I want to be kind to myself and those around me, to show my capacity for compassion, to be wise as much as I am capable, I want to be free of judgment both towards myself and towards others, to show understanding. Hmm… Jesus Christ, is that you? Hey, step on the brakes and pull over! It can’t be done here and now. What do you mean? Well, just as we are capable of contrasts, the same is true for anyone and anything, from things to actions, values, feelings and so on. Besides, you don’t live in a cave, you’re not the only player on the field, there are others, and we’re all connected in this interwoven fabric of education, society, culture, religion. Wait, what? I no longer understand anything.

Well, before you rush out and decide what you want to do when you grow up, you need to learn a few things about yourself. You’re like… a corded phone from the `70s. You won’t be able to do very well in this digital age until you go wireless, check the programs and apps already on your phone to see if they’re still worth it or if there aren’t better versions out there. In other words, update your needs, values and existing measurement systems.

What are you saying there? Have you started speaking in riddles?

Absolutely not. So far you have been going through life with other people’s recipes for success, with other people’s values and beliefs, with other people’s notion of what is good / acceptable or bad / unacceptable. To have a good quality of life you bought a washing machine, right? You stoped washing clothes by hand. Possibly a dishwasher, or a kitchen robot to make your work easier when preparing food. You bought a smart TV, a smart phone, a computer or tablet.

Why not give yourself, your needs, your values and your beliefs an update?

But I was just looking for self-love, my value as a human being. Yeah, why did you? I felt unhappy, unfulfilled. So look, you’ve taken the first step in identifying some needs, namely to be happy, to feel fulfilled, that is, to have a purpose.

I thought it was simpler, I didn’t think it was that complicated.

You don’t have to do it, it depends on how much you want a change. Up to you. You have the power and the responsibility. You had them all along. Now you are only aware of them. And you complain that it’s hard? It’s no problem, there’s nothing wrong, take your time, but then pick yourself up and pick up where you left off and move forward.

A thought comes out of nowhere. Others find it easier, it’s not fair. Hmm… where did it come from? I was just talking about not comparing myself anymore.

This is a habit from childhood, taken over with the mother’s milk, through the upbringing received from the parents. It’s… like a program on your landline.

Let’s cut the cord and update the system, only then we can connect to the Internet!

Come again?

To be continued…

8. Once upon a time, there was… It wasn’t, sir, I swear on my honor!

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