2. Self-love – has the world gone mad?

by admin

Good God, what’s with all the self-love on the internet? What happened to you, good people? What happened to loving thy neighbor as thyself?

Hey, wait a minute, what did you say? To love your neighbor as yourself .. Hmm… Let’s think and analyze… So, it starts from a premise, an assumption, namely that I know how to love myself. Now, let’s be real, who likes absolutely every bit of oneself? Who loves all the aspects that make up the physique or all the traits of his personality? The vast majority is dissatisfied with something about themselves, there’s always something they would like to improve or even change completely, I am here included. Whoa! Well, using logic, if I don’t know how to love myself, I don’t know how to love the other person either. Oh, the horror! By extension, I don’t know how to love my husband and child!

Stop, take a break! Don’t panic! Let’s use not only logic, but also common sense. Let’s go deeper into the subject. Self-love means what, exactly? Being a resourceful person and trusting the science, I consulted an official and accredited source, that is, I consulted my old dictionary of the Romanian language. Surprise, surprise, there is no definition, only one for love in a relationship with another person. Damn, I’m starting to get pissed! Ok, I came to the conclusion that I don’t know how to love myself, but I know for sure that I love my child. Who can explain that feeling when your soul is filled with … I don’t know, I’m just not a poet … Something wonderful and extraordinary … Fortunately, I remembered what saved me the first time from a conundrum, namely another point of view.

After listening to several I came to a conclusion. Self-love is identifying your physical and mental components, understanding them, accepting them and in some cases forgiving them. If that’s not enough, I’ll figure it out along the way and correct it.

Good, now it’s much clearer to me. I have a battle plan. How was it… separate and analyze… No. Divide and conquer! So I split the love into pieces. Step one: identify my component parts, two: understand them, three: accept them (already dreading this part), and four: forgive them.

Perfect! I went to sleep a little calmer.

To be continued…

3. Oh, God, I’m lost, call 911!! Where should I look for myself?

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