The story of the four sisters, for older children

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It’s an old story… It began a long time ago… Only Time, the wisest of storytellers knows for sure when exactly…

Once upon a time, far, far away, across many seas and mountains was a place of unparalleled beauty, a magical world ruled by four sisters who were some of the most powerful witches in all the worlds.

The youngest of the sisters was one of extraordinary beauty and capable of one of the most amazing magic, the magic of knowledge. She had the power to nurture young minds, unlocking their potential and inspiring them to dream. It encouraged critical thinking, stimulating the thirst for learning and discovery, it could instill values of curiosity, open-mindedness and intellectual growth. With her positive influence she could create generations of thinkers and innovators, helping the kingdom to strive forward with their knowledge and ideas. Her name was Education.

But alas, the impressive power of the little sister’s magic created unprecedented envy and jealousy in the spiteful heart of the elder sister, and she used her influence over the other two sisters and imprisoned the youngest, allowing to use her gifts only upon those subjects deemed by her sisters to be deserving.

The two middle sisters, on their name Society and Culture, also had powerful magics that complemented each other.
Society could provide a sense of belonging and community by creating shared values and norms. Also, by encouraging empathy and compassion, it could provide greater understanding and acceptance among the kingdom’s subjects to celebrate diversity and inclusion. She could learn the importance of cooperation and unity, allowing the realm to prosper through collective efforts.

Culture had the power to preserve traditions, customs and artistic expressions, to instill a deep appreciation for heritage and history, to nurture creativity, fostering a sense of pride and connection among its subjects.

But alas, because of this great injustice they did to the younger sister, they lost their positive magic power. Unrealistic standards, social hierarchies along with prejudice, exclusion and discrimination ultimately led to conformity, suppression of individuality, intolerance and conflict.

The older sister, named Religion, in her struggle for power, did not realize what a great curse was falling upon her. Her deed tarnished her face, and at the sight of her, instead of providing comfort in difficult times, moral guidance, and a sense of purpose to everyone, including her sisters, she was vilified, leading to bigotry and intolerance.

Because of this, folks, the little one, Education, has lost its way, lost its joy, and imposes standardized thinking, stifles individuality, creates stress, and discourages alternative perspectives, slowly destroying this magical realm.

Only together, with love, compassion, empathy and genuine communication can they save this land and the subjects who live here.

If this shall come to pass? Only the best storyteller can tell you that, namely Time.

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